Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Curry (Medium)£6.45
Vegetable Bombay (Medium)£6.45
Vegetable Muglai (fairly hot)£6.45
Vegetable Madras (Hot)£6.45
Vegetable Vindaloo (Very Hot)£6.45
Vegetable Phall (Extra Hot)£6.45
Vegetable Bhuna
(Dry & Medium)
Vegetable Malaya
(Medium with Pineapple)
Vegetable Kashmir
(Medium with pineapple,
banana & lychee)
Vegetable Kurma (Mild)£6.45
Vegetable Dupiaza
(Medium with fried onion,
fried tomatoe & capsicum)
Vegetable Rogan
(fairly hot topped
with tomatoes)
Vegetable Ceylon
(Hot with Coconut)