Balti Dishes & Chefs Selection

Balti Dishes

Our Balti Dishes are served with Pulao Rice Or Nan Bread

Balti Chicken£8.75
Balti Lamb£9.45
Balti Prawn£9.45
Balti King Prawn Tikka£10.95
Balti Chicken & Vegetable£8.75
Balti Tikka Mossala£9.95
Balti Tikka Passanda£9.95
Balti Chicken Khadari
(Topped with Mincemeat)
Balti Tikka Bhuna£8.95
Balti Vegetable£7.75
Balti Chicken Tikka Bhindi£8.95
Balti Chicken Tikka and Sag£8.95
Balti Chicken Tikka Dansak£8.95
Balti Lamb Tikka Dansak£9.45
Balti Prawn Dansak£9.45
Balti King Prawn Tikka Dansak£10.95
Balti Tikka Kurma£8.95
Balti Chicken Tikka Rogan£8.95

Chefs Selection

The following Dishes are served with Pulao Rice Or Nan Bread. These Dishes can be prepared by replacing the meat with a selection of vegetables

Balti Chicken Almashriqi
(Topped with spinach)
Balti Lamb Almashriqi
(Topped with spinach)
Balti Chicken Badami
(Smooth with cashew nuts)
Balti Lamb Badami
(Smooth with cashew nuts)
King Prawn Tikka Delight
(Cooked with Red wine
& cashew nuts)
King Prawn Tikka Almashriqi
(Topped with spinach)
Vegetable Almashriqi
(Topped with spinach)