Mossala and Passanda Dishes

Mossala Dishes

Mossala Dishes are served with Pulao Rice. All Mossala Dishes are grilled first then cooked with ghee,almonds,fresh cream, special spices.

Bangladesh Tandoori
(Tandoori chicken off
the bone,cooked with Egg
Moushmi Bhar
(Chicken Tikka cooked in
medium sauce with
peanut butter)
Tandoori Mixed Mossala£10.45
Chicken Tikka Mossala£8.25
Chicken Tikka
Mossala Khadari
(Topped with Mincemeat)
Lamb Tikka Mossala£8.45
Fish Tikka Mossala£10.95
Prawn Mossala£8.45
King Prawn Tikka Mossala£10.95
Vegetable Mossala£6.95
Chicken & Cheese Mossala£8.45
Garlic Chicken Mossala£8.45

Passanda Dishes

Passanda Dishes are served with Pulao Rice. Passanda dishes are cooked with wine, cream, almond powder and is medium and delicately spiced.

Chicken Tikka Passanda£8.25
Lamb Tikka Passanda£8.45
Prawn Passanda£8.45
King Prawn Tikka Passanda£10.95
Vegetable Passanda£6.95