Curry Main Dishes

Chicken and Lamb Curry & Sag Dishes

Chicken & Lamb Curry Dishes Sag Dishes
Medium Curry cooked with spinach
Chicken Curry£5.25Chicken & Sag£5.25
Lamb Curry£5.45Lamb & Sag£5.45
Prawn Curry£5.45Prawn & Sag£5.45
King Prawn Curry£9.95King Prawn & Sag£9.95
Lamb Tikka Curry
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka & Sag
(with Pulao Rice)

Bombay & Kashmir Dishes

Bombay Dishes
Medium curry with tomatoes & potatoes
Kashmir Dishes
Medium curry with pineapple,banana & lychee
Chicken Bombay£5.25Chicken Kashmir£5.25
Lamb Bombay£5.45Lamb Kashmir£5.45
Prawn Bombay£5.45Prawn Kashmir£5.45
King Prawn Bombay£9.95King Prawn Kashmir£9.95
Lamb Tikka Bombay
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Kashmir
(with Pulao Rice)

Muglai & Malaya Dishes

Muglai Dishes
A fairly hot curry
Malaya Dishes
Medium curry with pineapple
Chicken Muglai£5.25Chicken Malaya£5.25
Lamb Muglai£5.45Lamb Malaya£5.45
Prawn Muglai£5.45Prawn Malaya£5.45
King Prawn Muglai£9.95King Prawn Malaya£9.95
Lamb Tikka Muglai
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Malaya
(with Pulao Rice)

Madras & Kurma Dishes

Madras Dishes
A hot curry
Kurma Dishes
Very mild curry
Chicken Madras£5.25Chicken Kurma£5.25
Lamb Madras£5.45Lamb Kurma£5.45
Prawn Madras£5.45Prawn Kurma£5.45
King Prawn Madras£9.95King Prawn Kurma£9.95
Lamb Tikka Madras
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Kurma
(with Pulao Rice)

Vindaloo & Dupiaza Dishes

Vindaloo Dishes
A very hot curry
Dupiaza Dishes
Medium curry cooked with fried onion,
fried capsicum & tomatoes
Chicken Vindaloo£5.25Chicken Dupiaza£5.25
Lamb Vindaloo£5.45Lamb Dupiaza£5.45
Prawn Vindaloo£5.45Prawn Dupiaza£5.45
King Prawn Vindaloo£9.95King Prawn Dupiaza£9.95
Lamb Tikka Vindaloo
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Dupiaza
(with Pulao Rice)

Phall & Rogan Dishes

Phall Dishes
An extra hot curry
Rogan Dishes
Fairly hot topped with tomatoes
Chicken Phall£5.25Chicken Rogan£5.25
Lamb Phall£5.45Lamb Rogan£5.45
Prawn Phall£5.45Prawn Rogan£5.45
King Prawn Phall£9.95King Prawn Rogan£9.95
Lamb Tikka Phall
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Rogan
(with Pulao Rice)

Bhuna & Ceylon Dishes

Bhuna Dishes
A medium curry with sliced
onions & finished with fresh tomatoes
Ceylon Dishes
Hot curry cooked with tomatoes
Chicken Bhuna£5.25Chicken Ceylon£5.25
Lamb Bhuna£5.45Lamb Ceylon£5.45
Prawn Bhuna£5.45Prawn Ceylon£5.45
King Prawn Bhuna£9.95King Prawn Ceylon£9.95
Lamb Tikka Bhuna
(with Pulao Rice)
£8.45Lamb Tikka Ceylon
(with Pulao Rice)