Mossala Dishes and Passanda Dishes


Served with Pulao Rice


Lower  Prices  On Takeaway and 10% Discount on Collection

Mossala Dishes

All Mossala dishes are grilled first then cooked with ghee, almonds, fresh cream, special spices and served with Pulao Rice.


Bangladesh Tandoori

( Tandoori chicken off the bone, cooked with egg)

£  8.25

Moushmi Bhar

(Chicken Tikka cooked in a medium sauce with peanut butter)

£  8.25
  Tandoori Mixed Mossala
  Chicken Tikka Mossala £  8.25
  Chicken Tikka Mossala Khadari (Topped with mincemeat)
  Lamb Tikka Mossala
£  8.45  
  Fish Tikka Mossala £10.95
  Prawn Mossala £  8.45
  King Prawn Mossala
  Vegetable Mossala
£  6.95  
  Garlic Chicken Mossala
£  8.45
 Chicken and Cheese Mossala
£  8.45 
  Passanda Dishes

Passanda dishes are served with Pulao Rice and cooked with wine, cream, badam and is medium and delicately spiced.

  Chicken Passanda
£  8.25
  Lamb Passanda
£  8.45
  Prawn Passanda
£  8.25
  King Prawn Passanda
  Vegetable Passanda £  6.95